Sanding Twigs - 20 Pack

SKU No: Sanding Twigs


  • CUSHIONED ABRASIVE SANDING TWIGS ideal solution to the age old issue of sanding in small, tight spaces. Can be used on just about any type of material including, wood, metal, plastics, resins and more! Each twig has a polystyrene core layered with foam and sandpaper which creates a receptive cushioned abrasive surface. This comes in really handy with more delicate materials and projects.

  • VERY STRONG ADHESIVE - The adhesive will maintain its bond and not peel away when used under normal working conditions. These twigs are not meant for industrial or commercial use and should not be used to remove large amounts of material. These are less of a polishing tool and more of a file when comparing to other similar types of sanding sticks or twigs. They are ideal for de-burring small tight areas that are normally hard to get to.

  • THE GRITS IN THIS KIT - Fine, medium, and coarse grits will be found on these pencil sized detailing sanders. But to be more specific here are the grits you can expect to see may be: 80, 100, 120, 180, 220, 240, 320. If you see red the grit is 80, Yellow is 240, Light blue is 240 and dark blue is 120. If you see black, gray or white it can be anything between 80 and 240. Each 100 piece assortment pack is different.

  • KEY FEATURES - Great for a tight sanding spot, will work in hard to reach corners, will remove paint, polish and more. Will reach spots that pads, blocks, belts and discs can't. Own that micro project and upgrade from regular sheets of sandpaper. The bottom lie is that you will be able to sand in areas that you normally would not have been able to reach with the Keystone Cushioned Abrasive Sanding Twigs.

  • The twigs are approximately 5-1/2 inches long to 7 inches long and the thickness will also vary from 1/16 of an inch up to 1/4 of an inch. The colors on each twig will also vary from pack to pack. No two packs are alike.